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réunion annuelle EDT COMPLEX

Le Mercredi 13 Mai 2015 de 9h00 à 18h00

Annual meeting FNRS Graduate School “COMPEX” & “Sciences of the Cities”

(registration is free but mandatory)

Wednesday the 13th May 2015

Department of mathematics UNamur

8, rempart de la vierge, B5000 Namur

room E22 2nd floor



9h00-9h10 introduction to the meeting


9h10-10h00 Claude Loverdo (CNRS, LJP, Paris, France)

Two examples of stochastic modeling for biology


10h00-10h30 coffee break


10h30-12h30 short talks (12’ 3’ questions)

Guillaume Lenoire (Earth and Life Institute and Georges Lemaître Centre for Earth and Climate Research, UCL)

Frequency and Continuous Time-Frequency Analysis for Irregularly Sampled Time Series and Significance Testing


Sarah De Nigris, (naXys, Département de Mathématique, UNamur)

Collective behaviours: the role of the network structure

Morgane Dumont (naXys, Département de Mathématique, UNamur)

Big data and privacy law : How to create a synthetic population for Belgium


Malbor Asllani, (naXys, Département de Mathématique, UNamur)
The theory of Turing patterns


Vanessa Loodts (Nonlinear Physical Chemistry Unit, ULB)

Chemical reactions can accelerate the development of dissolution-driven convection


Mickael Randour (Institut Complexys, Département d'Informatique, UMons & CNRS LSV & ENS Cachan, France)

Planning a journey in an uncertain environment: variations on the stochastic shortest path problem


Duc-Thanh Tran (Physics of Complex Systems and Statistical Mechanics, ULB)

Topological Hofstadter Insulators in a Two-Dimensional Quasicrystal


Devdutt Kulkarni (Research Unit in Environmental and Evolutionary Biology, Unamur)

Modelling the effects of toxicants on freshwater plankton


12h30-14h00 lunch (offered but you must register, see below) & meeting of the Graduate School Steering committee


14h00-17h00 “Sciences of Cities”


14h00 – 14h50 Elsa Arcaute (Geography, UCL, UK)



14h50 – 15h40 Marc Barthélemy (Physics, CEA, France)

Urban systems: from scaling to modeling


15h40 – 16h10 coffee break


16h10 – 17h00 Tassos Noulas (Cambridge, UK, Computer Science)

Tracking the Properties and Temporal Dynamics of Urban Place Networks

Dernière mise à jour par EDT Phénomène non linéaire Jeudi 30 Avril 2015
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